Forensic Fuel Auditing Services

NO Risk

NO Up front Money


NO Lose Proposition

We do a Forensic Audit of your Jet Fuel Account on
a contingency fee basis!

RECOVER $'s paid to jet fuel suppliers

    Over payments and over charges
    occur at every company.  

    We get paid only when we
    recover over payments and
    over charges.

Our proprietary software developed by executives with years
of industry experience makes this review virtually seamless
to your operations.

    A small airline recently detected 3.4 million
    in over payments and over charges within a
    3-year period.

    Additional info is attached for your perusal.


jet stream fuels recovers over payments paid to jet fuel suppliers
florida based majority minority owned jet stream fuels trades in energy products
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Jet Stream Fuels
Jet Stream Fuels trades in energy products.
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